CADvisor is an AI-powered Co-Pilot designed to transform the way architects and designers approach their projects. It assists in navigating the complexities of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), providing intelligent solutions and innovative suggestions to enhance designs and tackle CAD-related challenges effectively.

CADvisor offers personalized guidance and support throughout your design process. It can help by suggesting design improvements, optimizing workflows, solving technical CAD issues, and introducing innovative approaches to complex design challenges. CADvisor is equipped to make your design process smoother and more efficient.

CADvisor is designed for architects, designers, engineers, and anyone involved in the creation and development of CAD projects. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for advanced support or a student learning the ropes, CADvisor can enhance your design process.

To begin, please complete our quick survey on the landing page. This allows us to understand your experience level and specific needs. Once completed, you’ll gain access to your personal CAD Co-Pilot, tailored to assist you in your unique design journey.

We are still in Beta phase of CADvisor and currently offer the service for free. But we are planning to introduce a Premium subscription with constantly more features.

Due to the Beta state of CADvisor we are currently using the conversations for training. So please try to avoid mentioning sensitive data. Later with the premium subscription we can offer full encryption and privacy.

We currently offer advice to the typical 3D CAD softwares. Especially Solidworks, Rhino, Blender and Fusion 360 are well supported.

*Disclaimer: Cadvisor can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.