Design for Additive Manufacturing

A Blog about 3D design for 3D printing by Roman Reiner

Here you can follow my process finding new tools to create amazing and beautiful designs for Additive Manufacturing. I mainly use the free and open source tool Blender 3D to make lattice structures, 3D textures, interlocking chain links and many more designs.

Roman Reiner – Author

I’m Roman Reiner Schmidt, working with Additive Manufacturing since 2014. While working for EOS GmbH as an Application Engineer I noticed the huge gap between the potential of the technology and the designs. So I decided to focus my life on unlocking the full potential of these technologies through design while taking different 3D design softwares to their limits to create something sustainable and beautiful. Currently my favorite things to create are lattice structures, 3D textures and interlocking chain links. If you would like to follow my process, have a look at the articles in my blog or write me to hire me for your project.