3D Printed VR underwater glasses Design

I had the chance to support  wiegand.waterrides GmbH & Project3D GmbH with my freeform design for the 3D printed VR snorkel mask. It’s great combination of future technologies to create new „breathtaking“ experiences.

The main goal of this underwater experience is,  by wiegandwaterrides words: „People will be able to snorkel with manta rays and turtles or drift through space and explore a foreign galaxy. Together with the feeling of weightlessness, of the surrounding water and the accompanying sounds, this guarantees an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. It’s a huge value for any pool at low cost“.

Freeform design of the VR underwater glasses front view

„The full-face mask is easy to handle and comfortable to wear. The mask lacks a conventional snorkel mouthpiece and instead allows to breath freely through nose and mouth. This also allows people with hygienic hesitations to classic snorkel mouthpieces or people who struggle with breathing through a classic snorkel mouthpiece to enjoy this experience in a relaxed manner.“

Freeform design of the VR underwater glasses back view

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