Design of German Leadership Award 2019

I had the honor designing the German Leadership Award 2019 from the Collège des Ingénieurs. The recipient of this years award is Dr. Hans J. Langer, CEO and Chairman of the EOS Group. So it was obvious, the award needs a new makeover bringing leadership to the new age of manufacturing.


The criteria were to implement the Alumnis logo into the award while creating a modern look, ready to manufacture with an EOS DMLS machine.

I started out with sketches of lines and variations of making the logo modern but also manufacturable.

The following three drafts were presented for review.

German Leadership Award 2019 – Draft 1

German Leadership Award 2019 – Draft 2

German Leadership Award 2019 – Draft 3

The decision fell on draft 2. So the following time I spend trying to optimize the spheres and lattice curve for Additive Manufacturing. When the decision fell on the material Aluminum I increased the overall thickness to give it a valuable weight.

While playing with the shape of the curve, to give it a holistic look, especially from the front view, I noticed a known look. It kept me reminding of the bottom shape of a cursive L. Since this Award is presenting Leadership, I used the waves of a cursive L to create a bridge between the traditional roles and perspecitves of Leadership during history to the modern view of leadership, in this case leading an international Additive Manufacturing company.

Once the design was ready for Additive Manufacturing, it was produced by PROTIQ GmbH on an EOS M290 in AlSi10Mg and polished by hand.

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony took place in the beautiful Nymphenburg Castel in Munich, Germany.

Lars Wagner, technical board member of the MTU Aero Engines AG and president of the jury of the German Leadership Award mentioned: „Dr. Langer has uniquely succeeded in forging a highly successful company based on a clear focus on technology and reflected leadership principles. He has exemplified new approaches and proven the power of an unshakable vision. His employees not only know his canon of values, but also identify with them and live by them.“

© Andreas Schwarz

© Andreas Schwarz

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